There’s always a solution, if you’re willing to get creative.

Sometimes what we want to achieve isn’t as simple as a free plug and play solution. Maybe it’s not within your team’s budget or you can’t quiet prove the use case yet. Or, maybe you just want to achieve the impossible because it would really help someone out on your team.

This blog is dedicated to creative solutions for the modern operations manager.

Zapier Integration – Hubspot to Google Sheets

I am such a fan of Zapier. You can literally connect any app to another without coding knowledge. It’s like legos for operation managers because it’s so customizable. Picture this– it’s a beautiful Tuesday morning and you’re sipping your coffee when your manager wants to know how many people are registered for a webinar. While…

Sparkcentral Marketing Report Design

The design was created with multiple purposes in mind. I created the ability to easily download image files, powerpoints or PDFs as needed from a single cloud resource. It was intended to give different people across various departments the ability to edit and personalize for their specific needs. This would allow Sales to personalize the…