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  • Shiri is one of the most amazing human beings on the planet. Her professionalism is a given, but rarely will you come across an individual who’s integrity and creative gifts go beyond infinity. She was with me step by step in the beginnings of helping me realize my dreams and visions of making my online website business a reality!
    Lisa Fara
  • Shiri is one of the most on-the-ball, professional, available people that I work with. I feel secure knowing she’s behind my website and blog!
    Laura Lee Burch
  • Shiri is a fantastic web designer! She helped me to create a site for my new company and I knew that the layout and design of my site needed to look a certain way, but needed a designer to help me to figure that out and to execute it. She has a superb sense of the right aesthetic and an easygoing manner that make her a great partner in this sort of project. I would highly recommend her.
    Sandro Tuzzo
  • Shiri has been so valuable in bringing my vision to life and even more on top of keeping it running smoothly than myself. I feel so fortunate that we met and I have her skill and genuine interest working for me and my business.
    Alix Bluh
  • Shiri is responsive, creative and focused on excellent design. She built a sophisticated website that makes my small start up firm feel professional, successful and established.
    Zach Bonsall
  • My online magazine for adult piano students, Grand Piano Passion, has a beautiful, original, and yet simple design thanks to Shiri.
    Nancy. M. Williams