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  • Total Security Scanner

    When it comes to your website’s security, you don’t want to take any chances. But which plugin do you use to keep your site secure? There are many out there and not all of them run the same tasks.

    Total Security is a good plugin for the following:

    • Check your site for exploits (spam inserted into your pages)
    • Check for suspicious files (those not part of the original WordPress or Plugins)

    If you find any suspicious code or files, you must delete those manually or have an expert do it for you if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

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  • Add large files to media manager

    If you want to upload a large file or several files at once into your Media Manger, it isn’t possible to do via the basic WordPress dashboard. That’s where ‘Add From Server‘ plugin comes in. It let’s you insert files into the Media Manager from your server. Once you’ve uploaded the files via an FTP client to your hosting, you can use this plugin to easily copy them over to WordPress.

    Setting are found under Media -> Add From Server. Just select the folder and files to import over.

    Download Plugin
  • Clean up your WordPress database and speed up your site

    WP Clean Up cleans up your wordpress database by removing “revision” “draft” “auto draft” “moderated comments” “spam comments” “trash comments” “orphan postmeta” “orphan commentmeta” “orphan relationships” “dashboard transient feed”. It allows you to optimize your WordPress database without phpMyAdmin and thus makes your website load much faster.

    It is very easy to use because it adds a settings page to “Dashboard”-“Settings”-“WP Clean Up” where you can select what you wish to delete and optimize.