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  • CVP Real Estate Website Design


    I just had the pleasure of working with this great company and helping them with the success of their new website.
    Check out CVP’s new responsive design.

    “Shiri is responsive, creative and focused on excellent design. She built a sophisticated website that makes my small start up firm feel professional, successful and established.”

    Zach Bonsall, CVP Real Estate

  • GoDaddy htaccess Point Domain to Sub Folder Solution for WordPress

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    I’ve had several clients recently have their WordPress website homepage show a temporary coming soon page or under construction. These are sites that are hosted on GoDaddy and have the main domain pointing to a sub folder. Basically, just the homepage (domain name) is not pointing to the sub folder. My clients are using an htaccess file in the main root folder to point the domain over to the desired folder with the WordPress files. However, recently just the homepage stopped pointing and I believe it has to do with some outdated software that GoDaddy is using for their shared hosting accounts. This approach is only if you want to hide the subfolder from your website urls.

    Here is the solution to fix this:

    Step 1. Place the following into your ROOT FOLDER htaccess file, replace domain and subfolder with your own.
    If you already have this, skip to step 2.

    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?$
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/subfolder/
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ /subfolder/$1
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www.)?$
    RewriteRule ^(/)?$ subfolder/ [L]

    Step 2. Copy (do not move) the index.php file from the WordPress FOLDER to the ROOT FOLDER.

    Step 3. Change the following at the end of the ROOT index.php file to include your subfolder.

    /** Loads the WordPress Environment and Template */

    WordPress does provide a similar approach here, however it did not seem to work on these GoDaddy sites.

    You do not need to make any changes to the General Settings site urls in WordPress with the instructions I provided.

  • Plugins: Less is More

    Congratulations on your new WordPress website. I know you’re probably very excited at all of the available plugins. There is a plugin to do just about anything you’d like, and they are usually very easy to install.

    Check out this cool new plugin that does…

    But remember your first experience with a smart phone? So many apps, so many cool add-ons! But after the 50th app, you realized your phone was working extremely slow. Well your WordPress website works in the same way. The more apps you have running at the same time, the more memory is required to load your website. The more memory that is being loaded, the slower your site will be for your users and may even cause other complications.

    Here are some key factors to remember when choosing to use a new plugin.

    Do you really need it?

    Ask yourself if you really need this plugin, or if you can achieve the same thing with a built in WordPress feature you didn’t know about. Also check to see if another plugin you are already using offers the same thing. For example, Yoast SEO will take care of your Google sitemaps, so you don’t need another plugin just for that.

    Is it easily interchangeable?

    If you are using a plugin to pull in media for example, like a YouTube video,  your plugin may have you use a shortcode in your post or page. This is great because its easy to use and you can sometimes style your player differently than the default YouTube player allows. However, should your plugin stop working at any point, become outdated or unsupported by its author, you may need to rework the way you pull in those 10000’s of videos already using that shortcode. The same thing applies to any type of content rendering. Try to stick to the Core functionality already built into WordPress because those developers will make sure that your posts will update properly as WordPress files grow and update as well.

    Is it compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

    A very important factor to look for when choosing a plugin, is if it is compatible with the most current version of WordPress. For example, If you see that a plugin is only tested only up to version 3.4 and the current version is 3.5.2 than most likely that plugin will cause some sort of error on your site. You may not always notice the error, and it may just be a security risk, which is not visible. Another important note is that if the plugin is so outdated, it probably means it is no longer supported. So if you have any questions or issues with the plugin, you will be out of luck. Most of the time there are several plugins that will achieve the same thing. So if the one you want to use is outdated, just look a bit longer and you will probably find another one that will work.

  • missioncreekcap_mac

    Mission Creek Capital Partners Website Re-design

    Here is another website re-design I recently launched. Mission Creek is an independent registered investment advisory firm headquartered in San Francisco. Their old website was outdated, visually not interesting and it was impossible for them to update content themselves. The new site is current and visually stimulating. Using WordPress, it easy to update and navigate.  It is also responsive in design which means that it will look good on any device because the layout will adjust to any screen size beautifully.

  • Jan Krawitz Site Re-design

    I just launched Jan’s new website using an affordable WordPress template option at

    Here are some key factors to the new design:

    • Professional domain name
    • Light, easy to read color scheme
    • User friendly navigation
    • Better content organization
    • Responsive and mobile compatible
    • Jan can now edit her own content


    Jan Krawitz Site Design Before


    Jan Krawitz site design after

  • Network Solutions and Memory Limits

    I decided to write this after having a client run into this problem and I figured there are others out there that could benefit. This is a tip for those using Network Solutions and are getting an error that looks like:

    Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted…

    Some shared hosting accounts amongst various companies only allow for 8MB of PHP memory to be used at any given time. Some companies have increased this to 32MB.

    Why does this matter?

    Some WordPress themes run scripts that require more memory than is allowed in your website settings. There are several different ways to adjust the memory limit for your WordPress website.

    If you are a Network Solutions customer, you will need to follow these steps to change the memory limit for your site.

    1. Access your website files via an FTP client
    2. Go into your cgi-bin folder
    3. Open the .php folder
    4. Edit the php.coalesced.ini file and change memory_limit = 64M to allow for 64M

    NOTE for Mac users: If you can’t see any of the files above it is because the file is hidden. You need to set the view option in your FTP client to show the hidden files. In “Yummy FTP” just click on ‘Listing – Toggle Hidden Files” to see the files.

  • Choosing the Right WordPress Theme

    So you’ve made the right decision with your website and WordPress is going to take it to the next level. Now you just need to decide on the design. If you don’t have a huge budget for your project, then going with a WordPress theme is the way to go. Most people think of themes as very boring designs that can’t be customized. This is definitely not the case here. There are many theme design companies out there such as Themeforest and 1000’s of beautiful designs to choose from with just the functionality you’re looking for. So how do you choose the right theme for you?

    Here are some things to consider.


    Think about the overall design that you are looking to achieve. Consider the graphics included in the template. Look for widget placements and unlimited color options. For advanced use, some templates also include the PSD files.


    A responsive design will let your website adjust to the user’s screen size. So the site will look good on any device including tablets and mobile phones.


    The theme you choose should be up to date and compatible with the latest version of WordPress as well as work with the most popular browsers available such as Chrome, Safari and Explorer.


    There is no doubt that no theme is perfect and updates are often released. Make sure that you choose a theme that offers excellent customer support and makes it easy to update.


    What is it that you expect your site to do? Think about the features that you will need such as a blog, contact forms, slideshows, galleries, customized menus and widgets, shopping and even shortcodes to make editing your content easier.

  • Total Security Scanner

    When it comes to your website’s security, you don’t want to take any chances. But which plugin do you use to keep your site secure? There are many out there and not all of them run the same tasks.

    Total Security is a good plugin for the following:

    • Check your site for exploits (spam inserted into your pages)
    • Check for suspicious files (those not part of the original WordPress or Plugins)

    If you find any suspicious code or files, you must delete those manually or have an expert do it for you if you’re not sure what you’re doing.

    Download Plugin
  • Add large files to media manager

    If you want to upload a large file or several files at once into your Media Manger, it isn’t possible to do via the basic WordPress dashboard. That’s where ‘Add From Server‘ plugin comes in. It let’s you insert files into the Media Manager from your server. Once you’ve uploaded the files via an FTP client to your hosting, you can use this plugin to easily copy them over to WordPress.

    Setting are found under Media -> Add From Server. Just select the folder and files to import over.

    Download Plugin
  • Clean up your WordPress database and speed up your site

    WP Clean Up cleans up your wordpress database by removing “revision” “draft” “auto draft” “moderated comments” “spam comments” “trash comments” “orphan postmeta” “orphan commentmeta” “orphan relationships” “dashboard transient feed”. It allows you to optimize your WordPress database without phpMyAdmin and thus makes your website load much faster.

    It is very easy to use because it adds a settings page to “Dashboard”-“Settings”-“WP Clean Up” where you can select what you wish to delete and optimize.