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  • Google Analytics Event Tracking for WordPress

    Google Analytics is the trusted tool for tracking website traffic and usage. Most people are used to checking their daily or monthly website page visits and some go beyond to view more detailed information on their visitors such as locations, age, devices and more.

    One advanced tools for tracking website usage is Google Events. This tool is used to measure how users interact while on your website. For example, how many times a clicks on a certain link or how many times a file is downloaded.

    In this article I will show you how to quickly get Google Events working on your WordPress site so you can start tracking.

    The steps will include the following:

    • Decide what events are to be tracked
    • Categorize these events into similar groups
    • Add code to your site
    • Add CSS class to events to be tracked

    1. Make sure you have a Google Analytics account. If not, you can get one here.

    2. Make sure you have a Google Analytics tracking code and it’s installed on your site manually or with a plugin. You may need to activate ‘Events’ in your account before getting the updated tracking code. To do so go to the Analytics profile dashboard and under ‘Behavior‘ on the left menu click on ‘Events‘.

    3. Install and activate the Gravitate Event Tracking plugin for WordPress.

    4. Go to your Gravitate WordPress settings to view or add any custom events to track.



    5. You are now tracking all file downloads with Google Analytics.

    6. To add a custom event you’ll need to define a CSS class in your WordPress theme stylesheet and use that class for the custom event link. By default the plugin adds one called ‘gtrack’ for you. To use this just add the class to any link.

    An example would be like the following:

    <a class=”gtrack” href=””>WordPress</a>


    7. Make sure you categorize your links as you wish to see them in your Google Analytics dashboard.

    8. You are now ready to view your events in Google Analytics under ‘Behavior‘ > ‘Events‘.

  • Contact Form 7 Redirect to Confirmation Page

    If you’re using Contact Form 7 on your WordPress website, you know that when a user clicks the ‘submit‘ button, they get a message right on the same page confirming that their email has been sent.

    If you would like the user to be redirected to a separate page on your site or an external link, just add the following code into your Contact Form ‘Additional Settings‘ area, found at the end of each form page.

    Replace the ‘‘ with your own url.

    on_sent_ok: “location = ‘’;”


  • Sasha Wedding Photography San Francisco

    Congratulations to Sasha on his new wedding photography website!


  • Manually change your WordPress admin username

    Older versions of WordPress installations would always set your username to admin by default. This quickly became an easy exploit for hackers since everyone had the same username. Newer versions of WordPress let you choose a unique username upon installation. However, if you are working with a site that still has ‘admin’ as the username or would just like to change it for security reasons please follow the instructions below.

    Step 1. Login to your hosting account, CPanel or directly to your website database (advanced users).

    In your CPanel, look for the Database section where you will find a link called ‘phpMyAdmin‘. This will let you view your WordPress database, the place where all of your website text and settings is stored. If you have multiple databases, make sure you are viewing the correct one for the site.

    Step 2. Find the ‘wp_users’ table.

    If you had a custom table prefix set just find the ‘_users’ table.

    Step 3. Find the ‘admin’ user and click on ‘edit’.

    For the column named ‘user_login‘, fill in your NEW unique username in the ‘value‘ field. You may also want to change the ‘user_nicename‘ which is used as your nickname on the fronted of your website.

    Step 4. Select ‘save’ from the options at the bottom and click ‘GO’ to save your settings.

    You’re done, good job! Now your site is a lot more secure. Don’t forget to save your new information for your records.

  • Difference between and

    The Question

    I want to install a WordPress website but I’m not sure what to do because there is and What is the difference? – Self hosted website

    I want to sell products online.
    I want complete control over everything.
    I want to use any custom theme.
    I am focusing on SEO.
    I need tons of storage space.
    I have specific plugins I’d like to use.
    I want to create a social network or forum. – Free – already hosted

    I don’t want to worry about maintenance.
    I want FREE hosting for my site.
    I want a simple low maintenance blog.
    I don’t plan on tampering with any code.


    I would recommend if you’re still not sure about which method is right for you, to try out first and see if its enough for you. Since its free, you might as well give it a shot. If you see that it is too limiting, than its time to consider a hosting provider.

  • Overriding mobile devices phone number styling

    The Problem

    If you have a phone number visible in your WordPress website, you may have noticed that on your mobile device, the font color for the number changes, usually to a gray. What is happening here is the your mobile device is treating the number like a clickable link so you can click on it and make a call. This can be annoying if it affects the css styles you have on your site. Sometimes it can even make the number seem invisible.

    The Fix

    Luckily there is a quick fix for this. Just add the following code into your header.php file found in your WordPress theme.
    <meta name=”format-detection” content=”telephone=no”>

    You can place it under the other meta tags found in the file, usually towards to top. Don’t forget to make a note of this somewhere, or place the header.php file into a child theme. This way when you update your theme, you’ll still have this saved.

  • Legal Passage Responsive Website Design


    Another successful website launch!

    The last month I had the pleasure of working with Sandro Tuzzo from Legal Passage. They specialize in family law services and are located in Oakland California.

    The goal of this website re-design was to keep things clean and easy to follow while maintaining a good amount of information for the customer.

    “Shiri is a fantastic web designer! She helped me to create a site for my new company and I knew that the layout and design of my site needed to look a certain way, but needed a designer to help me to figure that out and to execute it. She has a superb sense of the right aesthetic and an easygoing manner that make her a great partner in this sort of project. I would highly recommend her.”

    Check out the new Legal Passage website.

  • Teacake Bake Shop Website Design

    Teacake Bake Shop

    Take a big sweet bite into this cool new site design I just launched for Teacake Bake Shop.

    Teacake Bake Shop is a cupcakes and cookies bakery in the Bay Area with locations in Emeryville and Corte Madera. The simple and elegant treats just melt in your mouth. I had the pleasure of enjoying some of the goodies while working with these wonderful people and I will be back as a customer!

  • RISE SF Exhibit Responsive View


    If you happen to be in San Francisco’s famous Aquarium of the Bay in Pier 39 then check out RISE.

    The exhibit “RISE: Stories of the San Francisco Bayis a 4 foot by 6 foot display presenting six stories exploring the impact of increasing sea level rise and extreme weather on people living by the Bay and what we can do to protect our cities. –

    You’ll be able to easily view the RISE website while visiting the exhibit because I took the old website and did a responsive design conversion. This was not a complete site re-design, but just a quick conversion. There is no doubt that many people view your website on their mobile devices. So it is important to make sure that your site is easily accessible no matter what device it is being viewed on. A responsive website design adjusts to the screen size of the user’s device. This ensures that the site will look great no matter the device, without having to create a separate mobile version of your site.


  • Velo Jerseys Website Design


    I am proud to announce the launch of the new Velo Jerseys website design. At Velo Jerseys you’ll find quality vintage style cycling apparel. In this project, I took an outdated WordPress shopping site and brought it back to life with a new design that is user friendly, mobile ready and vibrant, representing the brand itself. The site is also utilizing newer shopping software that is easier for my client to maintain. Go check it out for yourself and shop around!